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Pablo Hidalgo heeft weer eens van zich laten horen op het Hyperspace gedeelte van het officiele Starwars forum.
Ditmaal komt hij met wat Hyperspace leden voor de maanden: Juni, Juli en Augustus allemaal kunnen gaan verwachten.

Virtual Comic-Con: We’re working to make Hyperspace the next best thing to being at Comic-Con. The Hyperspace webcam is currently being refitted for use at the enormous Star Wars pavilion on the floor, as well as the main Saturday presentation. The current plan is for the hottest exclusive video shown at the ‘Con to appear online to subscribers as well. Of course, there’s still a ton of perks to actually being there in the flesh, but if you can’t make it, logging in to Hyperspace is the place to be.

Hyperspace Webcam: Miniature and stage shoots at Industrial Light & Magic will occur about once a week — including some truly gigantic models, like last week’s 16-foot long Trade Federation Cruiser hangar bay. This week, there’s some background Senator shooting scheduled and later this summer, expect to see a walking carpet or two.

KnollVision: The 3-D photo series begins today, with 14 slated to run this summer.

Shop Exclusives: Hyperspace members will soon get first dibs and discounts on a couple of really great products, including some new items exclusive to

Episode III Post Notes: As the postproduction schedule heats up, we’ll get to meet some of the specific ILM talents involved in making Episode III happen, including a trip to the ever-busy model shop.

Episode III Set Diaries: These fly-on-the-wall reports will start up again as the first phase of additional photography starts, scheduled for this August in the U.K.

Making Episode III Web Docs: Fans can expect four installments of the popular webdocs between now and the end of August, the first focusing on costumes with a first look at an intriguing new alien species …

Before the Helmet: 13 brand new Episode III images set aside exclusively for online subscribers.

Fiction: Six pieces of fiction which have not appeared in anthologies, including works by fan-favorites Timothy Zahn, Charlene Newcomb, Patricia A. Jackson, and Daniel Wallace — many with newly colored and enhanced illustrations

Kessel Mines: Two media-packed in-depth features are in the works, including one with some rare audio files from the original trilogy.

Photoreceptor: 35+ rare images culled from the Lucasfilm Image Archives.

Exclusive Video: September seems like a long wait, but repeatedly replaying the Original Trilogy DVD trailer will either help while the time away, or make the wait even more unbearable?

New Bantha Tracks: Sure, subscribers can access all 35 issues of the original Bantha Tracks, but the new Bantha Tracks will soon be online – an all-new special series dedicated to the fans.

Message Board Avatars: Three new classic trilogy themes, including one devoted to Return of the Jedi. Finally, get your Chirpa on!

…and to quote a certain special edition trailer, “and a few new surprises…”

Nou dat ziet er dus weer goed uit voor de Hyperspace members.

Toch seizoen 3 voor Clone Wars

Op de officiĆ«le site werd bekend gemaakt dat vanaf 21 maart komend jaar nog 5 afleveringen van Clone Wars zullen komen. Ditmaal gaat het om afleveringen van elk zo’n 12 minuten.

De eerstkomende aflevering gaat verder waar het tweede seizoen ophield – de introductie van General Grievous. Deze laatste vijf afleveringen zouden naadloos moeten overlopen in het begin van Episode III.
In hoeverre er een overlapping zal zijn met de inleiding tot Episode III in boekvorm – Labyrinth of Evil geschreven door James Luceno, is nog niet bekend.

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